Council Positions: Sheriff

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Council Positions: Sheriff

Post  PrincessMuin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:15 am

How to be Sheriff

Gwendalyn wrote:The Sheriff's responsibilities currently covers three facets: overseeing the mines (setting wages for mineworkers and employment levels in each mine), breeding animals for the ranchers, and setting up grants. To fulfill this duty, the Sheriff should log in more than once a day.

If you can only log in once per day you must breed animals for the ranchers. The maximum you can breed per day is 30 each, but at this point, that is way too many animals. If you start the day with 10-15 each, you will have many animals left at the end of the day. Some days have no sales, so try not to go overboard when you are setting up the breeding for the day.

All of the Sheriff controls are accessible from the Duchy screen. There are two top level categories:

Management of the mines -- see bottom of post
Sheriff office -- This will bring up a further menu with options for four more screens:

Financial datas
- This tells you the financial state of the county. Not all of the fields are working, but the totals are correct in the top figure. The expenses are the daily half wages of the mine workers, the militia wages, purchases and money grants. (and on Sunday the remainder of the miner wages) The income comes from gold generated from the gold mines, profit from sales at the fair and/or grants, the sale of animals, and county fair tax.

Tax revenue: +0,00 pounds {county fair tax}
Sales revenue: +0,00 pounds {nothing now}--(animals sold and items from county inventory sold)
Royal Mint: +0,00 pounds {nothing now}--(output of gold mines}
Purchases: -0,00 pounds {items purchased by the TM from the county fair}
Expenses for recruitment of miners: {currently this is the amount of the miners payday on Sunday...or half the mine wages}
Salary to the Police Forces: {an accumulated number, currently it is the accumulated spent since January}

Financial management of the mines and quarries
- Here you will find the wage controls and employment controls for all the mines. The most important thing here to note is that Lewes has access to mines #1-3. The wages are a good tool to direct the Lewes citizens to whichever mine is top priority. Each mine has a range limit. Mine #2 can not hire more than 50 workers.

This area is the most critical to mining, and to do this job well, requires logging in at least twice a day. First login right at reset to copy the mining page (mining link from the castle) to gather the maintenance numbers. This is not required if you have a good Mine Superintendent who copies those numbers and posts them to the council before the maintenance is done. Another option is to use the mining chart and do the math based on the previous days number of workers. Which leads me to the second time you need to login and that is about 30 minutes prior to reset to get the number of workers for the mines. If you are unable to log in, you can only guess, because some mines will have the same maintenance needs for 2 different numbers of workers.

The reason for doing this is to be accountable to both your fellow council members and citizens of the county. If you don't know what the wages are, and what the gold output is, you can not decipher if the mining day was profitable or not.

If you want to maximize mine profitability, you may need to log in more often to add workers to the stone mine, and the gold mine, if the ironmine has recruited enough workers to support the added maintenance required for increasing employment in those two mines.

I have had maximum workers in mines #2,#3 and #5, but this can only be done during the middle of the week, and only if enough people work in mine #1 to give enough iron to cover the maintenance the following day.

To do a mining report, take the output of the previous day (minus the wages) and the maintenance needs of the current day. That will allow you to show the profitablity of the mines.

When all are optimized the county should generate enough income that we could import extra stone and iron, when necessary, from Wiltshire.

The numbers I have the mines set to now, are for the mines to be self sufficient. I hope the next council can get the county out of debt enough that the mines can be a major employment option in all the towns in Sussex.

Management of animals
- Here you can breed the animals for the ranchers in the county.
Management of animals screen wrote:Currently the county can provide 5 cows, 5 sheep and 5 pigs.

Breed cows by feeding them wheat (rate: 3 wheat bages per cow) -
Breed sheep by feeding them wheat (rate: 2,33 wheat bags per sheep) -
Breed pigs by feeding them wheat (rate: 1.67 wheat bags per pig) -
Breed cows by feeding them corn (rate: 11.25 corn bags per cow) -
Breed sheep by feeding them corn (rate: 8.75 corn bags per sheep) -
Breed pigs by feeding them corn (rate: 6.25 corn bags per pig) -
The numbers at the top change instantly once an animal is purchased.

At the current rate the county spends on fodder for the animal breeding there are optimum methods for breeding.

Sheep should be bred with Wheat and and in groups of 3. That will keep sheep breeding profitable. (Based on Wheat purchased for 14 pounds) Other numbers will cause the breeding to be done at a financial loss to the county.

Buying corn at 3.70 or lower, makes cows more profitable when bred using corn. When using Corn you MUST breed animals in groups of 4's. Now this takes quite a bit of corn (45 cornbags for 4 cows) If the supply of corn is low you can also breed with wheat, although it is at a slightly lower profit. (corn yeilds profit of 3.375/cow. Wheat yields profit of 3 per cow)

Pigs are only profitable when breeding with cornbags. Again, only breed in groups of 4's.

For reference on the Animal Management, see item 3 of this link from the King.

Grant management
- This screen has 4 areas. The first shows the pending grants. That is the grants that are still in progress. The second is "grants closed" and shows completed grants. The Third section will either say "No grant to give." or will list a grant that needs to be assigned. And the final link is to create a grant.

To make a grant, click on "create grant" and enter the amount of money you wish the granter to spend (such as when they need to buy goods) and in the next box is where you put the contract for the grant, outlining what is do be done with the county's money or supplies, and click "create".

The screen refreshes to a blank grant, so you need to return to the front of the grant page to complete the grant.

If you need inventory to be added to the grant you need the trade minister to transfer the inventory to the grant. At this state the TM does not have access to see what the contract is, so you also need to tell them which grant number needs inventory. This can only be done BEFORE the grant is assigned.

Once this is done, you can now enter the name of the merchant or buyer you are assigning the grant to.

Management of the Mines
- This is the same (or similar) screen the Mine superintendent has. If at the end of the day the MS has not done the daily maintenance the Sheriff can do it. Be mindful that you select daily maintenance and not maintain and upgrade, unless your intention is to upgrade the mine. Before any upgrades are done, make sure all the other mines have their daily maintenance done first.

Unless there is a crisis, do not do any upgrades unless you have more than 400 iron and more than 400 stone.

ALWAYS do any emergency repairs that may pop up from time to time. You do not want the consequences of ignoring this.

The ideal level of each of the mines is lvl 10 for iron, level 11 for stone and level 8 or 9 for gold.

To maintain the mines at optimum level will most likely require importing, but if they are all at optimum the county will more than be able to afford it. That is something for the future, but for now just keep the mines well maintained and open. Another factor that can effect mining number is when the fishing towns sell a large quantity of fish/wood/fruit. When the local market is cleared of it's resource good, a lot of miners will work the towns resource until they need to get paid again, then they will head back to the mine.

Last note on mines, if you find you are running low on resources, lower the employment numbers until you can import the resources needed. DO NOT manage the mines by allowing them to drop levels. The mining system was set up so the counties would need each other, so don't see it as a failure if you need to import. That is why we have 2 gold mines so we can afford to import when we need to.

Stone: Shrewsbury/Ludlow (node 628)
Stone: Stafford/Lichfield (node 632)
Iron: Lichfield/Birmingham (node 639)
Iron: Lichfield/Coventry (node 634)
Gold: Lichfield/Derby (node 649)

Algernon wrote:The Sheriff's Office is located in the Castle:

When you click "Management of the mines", you see this:

When you click "Sheriff office", you will see the largest menu for the job:

1) The Finance Report

Don't be alarmed by the Salary to Police Forces figure. This actually tallies the total cost of all policing since the County began, and so doesn't really tell us much useful information. What is important in this section is the Treasury, which lets you know what you have available in cash to grant.

2) Financial Management of Mines and Quarries

This menu sets the wage and working capacity for the mines, and the wage for the Intercounty Minimum Wage.

3) Management of Animals

This will be the menu that you use the most, on a daily basis if not twice or more times per day. We have generally strived to keep our levels of livestock at 12, to help ensure that cowherds, shepherds and swineherds can keep in business. We try to not exceed that amount, and it is really most important to have levels at 12 after reset as it is perfectly fine for levels to decline during the day as long as at least four remain available at nearly all times later in the day. The greatest barrier you will have to the breeding of livestock will be the county's wheat and corn supply.

We generally try to breed cattle and sheep with wheat, as the county profits most from use of wheat as fodder. We breed swine with corn primarily because the wheat required otherwise for swine is such that it inevitably wastes wheat as you will see from the number needed. Counties break even in wheat at fifteen, and counties break even in corn at four.

We can breed wheat fed cows one by one if needed without waste. We breed wheat fed sheep in groups of three to prevent waste. Pigs we breed from corn in groups of four. The Sheriff will not infrequently find that he has not enough corn or wheat to keep County livestock in supply. When this happens, the County both makes requests to the Mayors and also commissions agents to send us town market reports. The Sheriff can make cash grants and award them to people who will acquire wheat and corn.

Mayors will normally post needed corn or wheat to the County Fair. When this happens, only the Trade Minister can buy them. The Sheriff and the Trade Minister will therefore be in frequent communication with each other to provide for the County's fodder needs, and both during my tenure as Duke each had access to the Mayors' Chambers for commerce.

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Re: Council Positions: Sheriff

Post  PrincessMuin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:15 am

Algernon wrote:4) Grant Management

Here you will find a list of all the grants still out, grants that have already been used and are now canceled, and grants that have yet to be assigned.

If you click on a grant listed, you will find a window similar to this one:

You will find a "Create a Grant" link by scrolling to the very bottom.

Click it, you see this:

Here, you can post explicit instructions for the grant, a legal document.

Please note you can only create cash grants, and that the Trade Minister can only create grants for goods in the County's Inventory. As Sheriff, you will often be working in cooperation with the Trade Minister to meet town requests and also to help the County acquire imported goods such as wheat, fish, iron, and other needs should other needs arise in the County.

Before Sunday reset, it is always a good practice to put as much of the County's Treasury as you can into sizable grants so that you will still have cash available to meet needs after the mines payout. Mine payouts can put cash strapped counties in a negative balance, especially after the County has made large acquisitions.

There will occasionally be need for the cash grants that you create to be filled after creation with goods. You will have to let the Trade Minister know which the grant number for whatever cash grants require goods, and then the Trade Minister can fill them and one of you can then award the grant.

5) Management of Military Expenses

Algernon wrote:I would be remiss if I did not include this for future Councils:

Sajan's breeding guide -

Livestock breeding process:

Considering corn price of 3.5p and wheat price of 13.1p as fodder costs :


1 cow can be bred with 3 wheat bags. Thus profit per cow using wheat is 45 - (13.1*3) = 5.7p

1 cow can be bred with 11.25 corn bags. Since numbers round up, it is always best to breed cows in batches of 4 when using corn (using 45 bags). Thus profit per cow using corn is (45*4 - 45*3.5)/4 = 5.625p


1 sheep can be bred with 2.33 wheat bags. Since numbers round up, it is always best to breed sheep in batches of 3 with 7 bags of wheat when using wheat. Thus profit per sheep using wheat is (35*3 - (7*13.1))/3 = 4.43p

1 sheep can be bred with 8.75 corn bags. Since numbers round up, it is always best to breed sheep in batches of 4 when using 35 bags of corn. Thus profit per sheep using corn is (35*4 - (35*3.5)/4 = 4.375p

Pigs :

1 pig can be bred with 1.67 wheat bags. Since numbers round up, pigs are more difficult to breed with wheat, but not it can be done. The most profitable options are to breed a single batch of 7 pigs or 10 pigs or 13 pigs with wheat.
For 7 pigs, this would take 11.69 bags rounded to 12 bags of wheat.
Thus profit per pig (batch of 7) using wheat is (25*7 - (12*13.1))/7 = 2.54p
For 10 pigs, this would take 16.7 bags rounded to 17 bags of wheat.
Thus profit per pig (batch of 10) using wheat is (25*10 - (17*13.1))/10 = 2.73p
For 13 pigs, this would take 21.71 bags rounded to 22 bags of wheat.
Thus profit per pig (batch of 13) using wheat is (25*13 - (22*13.1))/13 = 2.83p

1 pig can be bred with 6.25 corn bags. Since numbers round up, it is always best to breed pigs in batches of 4 when using corn (25 bags)
Thus profit per pig using corn is (25*4 - (25*3.5))/4 = 3.125p

Thus best batch options to breed :

Cows using wheat : 1 each
Cows using corn : 4 each
Better option : Cows using wheat

Sheep using wheat : 3 each
Sheep using corn : 4 each
Better option : Sheep using wheat

Pigs using wheat : 7 each/10 each/13 each
Pigs using corn : 4 each
Better option : Pigs using corn

We have been averaging roughly 8 cows, 6 sheep and 13 pigs so far. That would give us a rough profit of (8*5.7 + 6*4.43 + 13*3.125) = (45.6p + 26.58p + 40.625p) = 112.80p per day from the livestock breeding program.

And, of course, a most important document on the mines:

baselthe2nd wrote:AS a former 2-time Sheriff, some of it is bad :wink:
When breeding, it best to breed in groups so that there is no rounding

Thus best batch options to breed :

Cows using wheat : 1 each
Cows using corn : 4 each
Better option : Cows using wheat

Sheep using wheat : 3 each
Sheep using corn : 4 each
Better option : Sheep using wheat

Pigs using wheat : 7 each/10 each/13 each
Pigs using corn : 4 each
Better option : Pigs using corn

So Pigs using wheat should be multiples of three, rather than multiples of 3 +1

Beaker wrote:Easy Guide to Being the Sheriff

The long guide is great but I wished when I started as Sheriff that there was a quick and easy guide to help me get started. This guide is pretty much what I wish that I’d had. This excludes Forum based Council RP activities.

Title: Sheriff
Job Type: Administrative 90%, Role Play/Interaction 10%
Time Needs: Approximately 20 minutes/day
Special: Need to be able to log in at least 2 or 3 times per day.

Essential Daily Duties (current Nov. 1455):
Maintain the mines: Under Management of Mines click Maintain, Click Maintain and Upgrade if the output drops (current output: stone = 2.1, iron = 1.52, gold = 50.4)

Breed Animals: Use wheat for cows, corn for pigs, whatever you have more of for sheep. Keep approximately 18 cows, 12 sheep, and 12 pigs in stock at all times. Check several times per day, sudden runs on animals are common, especially on Sundays (no idea why). Note: you will need to work closely with the TM to ensure a steady supply of fodder.

Other Periodic Duties
Grant Creation: The TM or Duke may ask you to make a grant and will give you instructions on what is needed.

Hold Grant Creation: Keep the treasury at less than 5000p, when it gets above this point, restock the Hold Grants. Maintain a selection ranging from 200p to 4000p. These can be used by the TM as needed. Standard Hold Grant Instructions: “This is a hold grant. Do not use without consulting the Count, Trade Minister, or Sheriff first.”

Once each Week
Create Sheriff’s Report: I’ve included mine as below as an example. The numbers below the line are for reference. Numbers should be from Saturday to Saturday (after major reset/payout maintenance period). Post this in Forum Council Reports section.

Report for Week November 4– November 10, 1455

Mines: No Downgrades for six weeks now!
Stone: Employment remains at about 80%
Iron: Employment remains at 100%.
Gold: Employment remains at about 50%.

Animals: Fairly steady this week.

Cows: bred: 70 profit: 315p Change: +25%
Sheep: bred: 34 profit: 119p Change: -35%
Pigs: bred: 32 profit: 80p Change: +33%

Profit from Animals: 514p Change: +4%
Fodder used for week: wheat: 193, corn: 562
Comment(s): We have sufficient fodder reserves.

Treasury ending week: +28,998p (+23.352p)
Treasury at start of week: +21,481p (+22,869)
Comment(s): Throughout the week the treasury grew.

This week
Tax revenue: +0,00 pounds
Sales revenue: +0,00 pounds
Royal Mint: +0,00 pounds
Purchases: 4,525 pounds
Expenses for recruitment of miners: 7,780 pounds
Salary to the Police Forces: 9216,00 pounds

Cows: Wheat: 3/cow (preferred) Corn: 11.25/cow
Sheep: Wheat: 2.33/sheep (preferred) Corn: 8.75/sheep
Pigs: Wheat: 1.67/pig Corn: 6.25/pig (preferred)

Price basis: Wheat: 13.5p Corn: 3.6p

Cost per cow = 40.5
Cost per sheep = 31.455
Cost per pig = 22.5

Selling prices:
Cows = 45
Sheep = 35
Pigs = 25

Profit per (same for corn or wheat)
Cows = 4.5
Sheep = 3.5
Pigs = 2.5

Duties not mentioned
Military and Mine financials: rarely done, and usually only at the request of the Duke.


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Re: Council Positions: Sheriff

Post  Demonight on Sun May 31, 2009 3:09 pm

ok have a bit of info for Chalco Sheriff
1. only 1 grant allowed so make sure you grant lock all the money every night
you can lock up to 99999. in a grant {no change}
allocate whatever is left each day plus to the warriors minimum 1 to get a negative balance.{it gets returned if unused each week}
animal breeding:
turkey: 11.25 bags of beans or 3 bags of maize
rabbit: 8.75 bags of beans or 2.33 bags of maize
peccary: 6.25 bags of beans or 1.67 bags of maize
turkey should be bread on maize
peccary on beans
and rabbit can go either way
You will need to keep as many animals in stock as possible{ideally 20 of each}
sometimes you will have to breed with the wrong kind of fodder, that is better than not having the animal.

there are 4 mines
Mine 1 : Stone quarry - Node 22
Mine 2 : Gold mine - Node 20
Mine 3 : Gold mine - Node 53
Mine 4 : Obsidian mine - Node 56

out of those mines mine 2 is an extra mine it is accessable by both our people and people of a neighboring tribe.

mine 1,3 and 4 need to stay open for each clan to have access to a mine.

any specific questions please ask me directly

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Re: Council Positions: Sheriff

Post  PrincessMuin on Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:06 am

Sweetie, think you can make a guide for the Sheriff like this one with NK screenshots?

We could start our own Guides then.


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Re: Council Positions: Sheriff

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