Council Positions: Public Prosecutor

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Council Positions: Public Prosecutor

Post  PrincessMuin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:25 am

How to be Public Prosecutor

Ecthelion wrote:You have two areas of controls.
My home --> Your duties and responsibilities
There you will see:
Vous êtes membre du conseil du Stafford
Resign from the council (irreversible act)
Don't click it unless you want to resign, they mean it.

Duchy --> Law Courts --> Your Office
There are three options here:
Arrest a suspect

Send a mail

Start a lawsuit
"Arrest a suspect" and "Send a mail" aren't put into the game yet, don't waste your time looking at them.

The only relavent control is start a lawsuit.

When you click lawsuit, the screen is self-explanatory.
Input the defendant's name.
Choose the offense from the pulldown menu
Arrow there are six options which do not correspond exactly to the names of Laws
Write down your bill of indictment
Arrow This is one of your two indictments, do not waste it.

Ecthelion wrote:Nordic asked me what six options I have, so here they are:

public disorder
witchcraft (which you never will use, probably)

here's the way I breakdown the crimes:
Witchery --> witchcraft
Confidence Racket/Swindling
Slavery --> slavery
Treason --> traitorousness
Robbery --> public disorder
Contempt of Court
Obstruction of Justice

So, betrayal and fraud don't exactly translate. I think that if I had one of those other crimes I would clump confidence racket/swindling and profiteering under betrayal, and put perjury and contempt of court and obstruction of justice under fraud. The label on the case doesn't matter too much.

buttercup13 wrote:I came up with this from what I used as PP .. hope it helps.

Public Prosecutor

In the PP thread in the Inn, check reports and decide if it is something worthy of bringing before the judge or not.

Contact witnesses, defendants, and/or victims to get all necessary information prior to bringing the case before the judge. It is ok to try to settle cases out of court if all parties agree.

Duchy > Law Courts > Your Office > Start a Lawsuit

1. Input the defendants name
2. Choose an offense from the pull-down menu with 6 choices
3. Write down your bill of indictment * this is 1 of your 2.. don't waste it *

Your Indictment: (To the Defendant)
1. Sum up every possible law broken
2. State the punishment based on the law/s broken
3. Provide all evidence of the alleged crime
4. Offer the defendant the option of retaining a lawyer through LSoE
5. Call any witnesses

Your Final Statement: (To the Judge)
1. Counter any pleas or statements of defense
2. Remark on any witness reports
3. Provide any additional evidence
4. Ask for the punishment needed according to the law


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