Council Positions: Sergeant

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Council Positions: Sergeant

Post  PrincessMuin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:29 am

leanasidhe wrote:How to be Sergeant

Police_chief wrote:As Sergeant your duty is to obtain armory items such as swords and sheilds, to give money to the constable so he/she can hire marshals and militia and send out grants with armory items.

To give money to the Constable:

Go to Duchy -> Barracks -> Recruitment:

then select the amount of money you want to give in the dropdown menu:

The Constable will be able to use the amout you give to him/her, what ever he/she doesnt use returns to you at the end of the week so make sure you check it during the weekend and give more money for the next week.

Your Office:

Go to Duchy -> Castle -> County Fair -> My Office:

The "My Office" link is found under the county fair market

Here you have 4 options:

Buy for the county
Inventory of the goods
Buying and selling orders
Gestion des mandats (Grant management)

Buy for the county brings you to a page were you can click the Change Button and you can buy items from the county fair (Such as Swords, and shields), the money you use is the money you currently have as a sergeant

Inventory of the goods, is the current armory, you can only see swords, shafts and sheilds, as they are the only coded weapons, Put on sale puts the item for sale on the county market, and "transfere vers the compte mandataire XXXXX (transfer to the grant number XXXXXX) this transfers an item to the grant, so if you have made a grant you will see this option

Buying and selling orders is the same as the one you have in your home, just that it is what you're buying and selling on the county fair:

Gestion des mandats (Grant management), this screen shows the grants that you have currently made,

as you can see in the image no grant has been made so to create one go to Cree un nouveau mandat (create a new grant) and imput the statement you want to write such as " grant to Police_chief containing 1 sword, to be sold for 240 pounds" or something like that, when you're finished writing it you can go back to the armory and add the items and then to the grant management and specify the person youre sending it to



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