Council Positions: Constable

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Council Positions: Constable

Post  PrincessMuin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:31 am

Methos wrote:Heripy and I wrote this (Heripy the Constable part, I write teh Chief Marshal part)

Accessing the Constables Office.

Duchy > Barracks > Deployment of the Police Forces.

Creating a New Marshal Group

Simple. Though very important.

Click the "Create a new armed group of Marshals" button at the bottom of the Constable's Office.

From there you will be taken to a Window that asks for two things, though it doesn’t explain very well.

First, the large box on top is for the orders to be given to the Chief Marshal.
Constable wrote: Marshal, You are to complete the rigorous task of defending the power of the County, Towns, and Citizens of Cornwall. You are to keep the towns safe, and protect our great county. If you do fail to defend the power you will be placed on trial for Treason, and will have to appear in court to defend your position. You are the walls that defend our homes, and are important to protect our lives and way of life. May God watch over you.

The other box, next to which says “Proposer”, is where you place the name of the new Chief Marshal you plan to install.

Paying the Marshals

Very easy. But must be done daily.

Simple scroll to the bottom of the Constables office, and click pay, though remember that if you click pay you cannot take it back, and if the marshals failed to defend the power then they are getting paid for doing nothing, also treasonous.

To set the pay of the marshals simply scroll to the top of the Constable's office and change the pay of the marshals.

If the constable fails to pay a day, then he/she may simply increase pay for the next few days. Until back pay is…paid back.

Failure to Defend the Power

Firstly, if you login and a player failed to defend the power send them a message to tell them that they must defend the power or they will be fired and sent to court on counts of treason.
Constable wrote: Subject: Defending the Power
Message: You have not defended the power today, and so if you fail to do it within the next # hours, you will be fired, so I may pay the others, and you will be placed on trial for treason.

You have till 20 mins before reset to complete this action.


When a marshal fails to defend the power he is to be fired, but prior to firing take a screen shoot so you may place them on court for treason.

Then submit the case, screenshot and all information concerning this case, to the counties Public Prosecutor. The Prosecutor will take the ex-marshal to court, and have the court decide whether or not the person is guilty of treason or not.

Things that the case needs, is the message the constable sent and the screenshot of the person failing to click defend the power...

Chief Marshal

So, you think you can stop the invaders? You think you can keep the town safe? You would like a guaranteed job everyday? Well, Chief Marshal is the job for you!

1. First, the Constable sends you a mail that you have been selected:

Notice there is no reply button. If you want to talk to the Constable, you will have to mail him using "Compose a mail".

2. To accept or deny the position, you have top go to Duchy>>Travel>>Groups, where you will see this:

Once you click accept, you are the new Chief Marshal! But, notice that you do not yet have an activity:

Upper left says no activity. By agreeing to be Chief Marshal, you have agreed to defend the town. This is not automatic.

3. To defend, you have to click Actions (remember, we are on the travel screen already). You will see this:

Click defend the power, which brings you to this:

Click defend again, and finally your upper left says "Defense of the City":

You do not get paid at reset, but when the Constable is sure that everyone has defended their towns. If you do not defend, the Constable will know (he has a screen for that) and you will be prosecuted for treason.

On future days, you just have to defend the power (Step 3, Duchy>>Travel>>Actions)


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